Bedroom TypeUnit TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
2 BedroomType B1a, B1b, B2, B3581/592/624/635 sqft40$1,736,000
2 Bedroom PremiumType B4P, B5P, B6P657/700/721 sqft30$1,901,500
3 BedroomType C1, C2915/958 sqft16$2,675,950
3 Bedroom + StudyType C3S, C4S, C5S1044/1109 sqft 24$3,148,100
4 BedroomType D1, D21819/1884 sqft2100% Sold
4 Bedroom + StudyType D3S1970 sqft1$6,068,600
5 BedroomType E1, E22217 sqft2$7,094,600

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